Monday, August 29, 2005

A Couple of Protest Signs, old pictures, pre-Disengagement

Here's a poster of the three young teenage girls who were in prison for weeks and weeks on trumped up charges. My neighbor's daughter was jailed for talking back to a policewoman. For that she was considered a danger to to the public. She told the policeman to leave her friend alone.

And here the man is telling Sharon not to destroy the country.

I've been going through the pictures and don't think I've posted these signs I photographed at the Maasiyahu Prison, Saturday night, Melave Malka. In recent days, most of the prisoners have been released, but not all of them.

The ones released were "just the demonstrators" against Disengagement. It was, obviously, a totalitarian tactic to keep opponents jailed.

There are still a few opponents in various jails for more "serious" activities, though none were violent or harmed anyone. They are mostly teens. Real criminals, like thieves, rapists, murderers are not kept in jail for so long or under such restrictive conditions. And remember all the terrorists who have been released.


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