Thursday, August 11, 2005

Melave Malka at the Prison

Every Saturday night, after Shabbat, for the past few months, people have been gathering for a massive Melave Malka, traditional post-Shabbat festive "event" at the Maasiyahu Prison near Lod. This prison has a lot of the anti-Disengagement prisoners. From their cells they can hear the music and speeches. That's why even though this has continued throught the traditional Three Weeks of Mourning the Holy Temple, the music continues. It's just that instead of joyous music, the music is slow, of prayers to G-d asking for His Mercy, "Rachem, rachem, rachem..." It took place in a large, sandy, open lot next to the prison. The space was divided one-fifth to four-fifths "men-women," though lots of women were in the men's side, though not close to the podium. The "mechitza," divider was strips of plastic posters, like these.
Yes, there was dancing, slow, mournful dancing, since we were already in the 9 days of mourning. The rabbis declared the loud, beseeching music to be important for the prisoners to hear.
One of the demonstrators.
I gave my camera to a neigbor's son to take pictures closer up.

People brought the whole family.

There are more pictures to be developed. So this is part one.


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