Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kotel Prayers #3

There are some strange things in the order that the pictures are up here, not quite what I loaded, posted, but I'm not going to complain or correct. It's pretty clear that most of the pictures show the masses of people streaming to the Kotel to pray together, to beg G-d to help, to beg G-d to accept our prayers, to beg G-d to consider what we've done enough. Of course there are never any promises that G-d will agree. The number of people can't be counted. Many thousands never even made it into the Old City, as the streets were full, and crowds were held outside of the gates.
There's also a picture of the road to Ir David, where we went. A half hour after I took the picture, the road was totally full, and it was impossible to get in through Sha'ar Ashpot, the Dung Gate.

And just a reminder, the media did its best to ignore and minimalize this great event. It wasn't even mentioned in the "New York Times."


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